Thursday, December 21, 2017

Gematria Database Information

Welcome fellow Truth Seekers, Parallel Theorists and Reality Hackers to the Gematria Database.

Here you will find gathered data from all the YouTubers and bloggers out there that focus on the subject Gematria.

Listed on the right side of main page is resource links where I get all of this data from.

Everything is placed here in a legible manner and documented for future pattern recognition. Now all the connections can be seen by all who view with undeniable proof. "One has to apply the tools that are presented in order to see the proof and the patterns that are laid out for themselves," here is a platform for such a structure.

Each page has a task bar at the top to make things easier to navigate through in a faster way in order to see the connections and correlations. 

{For example if you are on the Gematria Connections Page and want to navigate to a specific 'number' or 'sum', the numbers are listed above in the task bar. Find the number you are looking for and click on it to navigate there.}

All words are categorized in order to see what theme they belong to in our culture. 'Words' 'Names' or 'Phrases' (Word Combinations) are also (color) key coded (like on a map) to connect on some symbolic way, what they correlate with and to also keep the categories separate but easy to remember.
{For example if it's a government word it will be green, if it's an occult word then it will be yellow, if its a negative word it will be red and so on.}

Click on Color Key Legend to see more of the key codes like on a map.

Feel free to look around and comment if you like, feedback is always welcome and helpful for us all. Please help me put data in that needs to be documented and needs to be there according to your studies. Leave things you'd like me to add in comments  or email me

This Database has been created to be a Wikipedia for Gematria people.  This can be used as a resource to fact-check information.  There is all 4 main base ciphers or equations (alphabetic order styles)
These styles are as follows:
Pythagorean / Reduced Gematria (PG) Cipher
  • A=1, Z=(2+6)=8 
Simple/ English Ordinal Gematria (SG) Cipher
  • A=1, Z=26
Reverse Reduced Gematria (RR) Cipher
  • A=(2+6)=8, Z=1
Reverse Ordinal Gematria (RO) Cipher
  • A=26, Z=1

The more advanced ciphers will be added like Jewish and English / Sumerian Gematria Ciphers after all the base ciphers are completed.

Event Timeline information is also here and separated by categories such as:

Life lesson Timeline (Born Dates)
Death lesson Timeline (Death Dates)
Historic Timeline (Events in History)
Established Timeline (Government Establishment Dates)
Shootings/ Attacks/ Bombing Timeline (Event Dates)
For example if its a Birth Date it will be green, if its a shooting event it will be dark blue, if it's a death or bombing event date it will be red and so on. The event sums number can be clicked to see what other dates have that same number as well as the connections to other scenarios that have occurred with that same numerology sum.

Sometimes when decoding and event you'll notice the day of the year number will align with the name gematria of the person(s) involved in the event of that day. Always check the governor and mayor of an US states of occurrence as well, remember to measure from their birthdates and dates of acceptance into office to the event date. Watch for repeating digit patterns.

Sometimes the first name or surname of person(s) gematria will align with the event theme word that they are involved in. Not always but usually that number will also match a 'Freemasonry' word gematria in some way. Sometimes the age a musician dies will align with the stage name of that person.

Sometimes the place of occurrence will align with the age of the person(s) involved. Remember to measure from the event to any Solar/Lunar or Total Solar/Lunar Eclipse Event. Usually the number 'digits' of Days/Months/Years will match the words Solar Eclipse, Total Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, or Eclipse gematria. When the event is a shooting, measure from the date of event to the next Eclipse event, the number of days will usually match the shooter name gematria. The full name may also align with the occupation of the shooter.

There is also graphs to show the pattern orientation of whether it's words, events, timeline structures or ages of death during a given scenario being reported in history or in modern media and entertainment.

Thank you for your time. Remember to do your research and believe nothing, formulate your own opinions on fact checking source based information whenever possible.



  1. This is an amazing work. Thank you so much. You are brilliant

  2. WOW! Do you have a tutorial so that people can learn this?

    1. Orientation and Introduction:

  3. These sites are what allow gematrinators to grow and expand.

  4. God Bless you always! Thank you, your genius!